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At Augmented Discovery, we make technology accessible. With many years of experience in development and online marketing under our belt, our mission is to improve shopping experiences for users by allowing them to discover new places to visit and easily find the fastest way to get to a specific store. We specialize in augmented reality mobile apps, geo-localisation and geofencing that empowers businesses and improves communication between the business and their customers and prospects. We believe the best way to stay in touch with customers is by using technology to it’s full potential to create an app that is useful for consumers and keeps them in touch with their favorite brands, favoring customer loyalty.

Our main mission is to bring potential customers in-store and live an experience. In an era where online shopping is completely changing consumer habits, in-store experiences are a must to keep them in the game. For a customer to be inclined to go to the store instead of simply ordering it online, the company has to offer a memorable experience for the customer. That’s where we come in. The first experience can be as simple as being guided to the store easily and efficiently, simply by the touch of a button. Whether it be a street level store or in a shopping complex, we have the perfect solution for you.

We strive to become the Google AdWords™ for Go-To-Store knowledge. Our solution allows us to track and analyse data on shoppers habits in-store, giving you more information on your customers habits and allow you to make smart decisions depending on this data. As a store-owner, this information has incredible value and we’d like to share it with you. Call us today and we’ll find the best solution for your business.

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